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Inter Blue 4-4 Latin Sports: Rollercoaster Game Ends in Draw Despite Epic Comeback

‘9 ⚽ 0-1 Latin Sports goal

’28 ⚽ 0-2 Latin Sports goal

'33 ⚽ 0-3 Latin Sports goal

'41 ⚽ 1-3 Nacho Duek goal (penalty)

'50 ⚽ 2-3 Tom Printac goal, Javi Virkel assist

'60 ⚽ 3-3 Dani Mizrahi goal, Tom Printac assist

'80 ⚽ 4-3 Tom Printac goal, Nacho Duek assist

'82 ⚽ 4-4 Latin Sports goal

Top row (from left to right): Sam Sank, Zequi Lubocki, Alan Kaler, Uriel Benita, Martin Siber, Nacho Duek, Dani Mizrahi, Gaston Fratesi, Mati Yelen, Ran Sarusi, Tom Printac, Maurizio Patti and Gato Schwalb.

Bottom row (from left to right): Ehud Eblagon, Mati Litvak, David Salem, Javi Virkel, Guile Meyer and Didi Hovav.

Inter Blue’s game in the IFLI2 on Saturday was absolutely action-packed, in what was Zequi Lubocki's first as the team's new manager. It is one where some of us may feel let down by the scoreline given that we came back from 3-0 down and had many chances to put it away.

However, it was overall a great team performance. Everyone put in a solid shift and it is games like these that show the character of the team and will lead us to get many results throughout the season.

Admittedly, as this was a team that we were unfamiliar with we were unaware of how they played. In the opening minutes of the game, their midfield movement was quite good and they were able to keep the ball well.

They found pockets of space in the middle of the park and especially their number #24, who was quite crafty, created a lot of dangerous opportunities. After 9 minutes, it was him who beat a couple of challenges on the left flank, dribbled inside past our defenders and finished to make it 1-0.

The match continued similarly for the next stretch. Long balls over the top gave us some trouble and #24 once again was able to get into the box and dribble past our defence.

After an unfortunate challenge, he was taken down and we conceived a penalty kick. However, Gato stepped up and saved it to keep the scoreline at 1-0, his second penalty save in two games with the club!!

After the penalty save, we gained momentum and began to create scoring chances, but a ball over the top and strong cross proved hard for us to handle, leading to Latin Sports scoring on the 28th and 33rd minute.

Although down 3-0, we continue to pressure them and create good opportunities. In the 41st minute, a handball in the box by one of their defenders led us to be awarded a penalty kick which Nacho Duek converted to make it 3-1 going into halftime.

The second half was a very different story. We were more direct and dangerous going forward and much more organized and compact in defence, barely allowing them a shot on goal. After just 5 minutes, Javi Virkel dribbled down the left and found Tom Printac behind their defensive line. Tom then slotted in a goal to make it 3-2.

We continued to be dominant in possession and breaking them down. And, in the 60th minute, after some neat footwork, Tom was fouled just outside the penalty box. From that play, Dani Mizrahi stepped up to take the freekick and scored in a beauty to make it 3-3.

As the half continued, I think some decision making and at times a lack of composure did not allow us to capitalize on the chances we created to widen the scoreline. However, in the 80th minute, our persistence paid off as Nacho found Tom once again running in behind their defenders. Tom then dribbled past their keeper and tapped it in to make it 4-3.

Unfortunately, only a few minutes later, we were denied the three points. As they pressed forward in the final minutes of the game, one of the players hoofed the ball towards our net. A difficult ball was unfortunately misjudged by Gato and ended up going in to make it 4-4.

Overall, a good point won after being 3-0 down. We all worked hard to earn a good result and will use it as a foundation to build on as we move forward in the season together!


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