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Meet Our Players - Daniel Rubio

Name: Daniel Rubio

Age: 18

Team: Inter Aliyah Blue

Originally from: Zaragoza, Spain

Favourite Team: Barcelona

Position: Winger/Central Midfield

Football Idols: Sergio Busquets

Interesting Fact: Before coming to Israel, Dani had never tried 'mate' (traditional South American hot drink) before, but after joining Inter and meeting a lot of Argentinian people he got to try it. At first Dani didn't like it at all, but now he drinks it almost everyday!


''I started playing football at 7-years-old, at my school futsal team. Ever since then I simply didn't stop playing. Even when I came to Israel, one of the first things I did was to find a football team.

''I think that my love from football comes from all the memories that I made throughout all these years, like all the summers playing with my friends all day long, and also from the people I met thanks to football too.

Dani winning an award at the End of Season event

''Back in 2019, my father had the opportunity to move away from Spain and, as a family, we all decided that Israel was the best place to move to. Nowadays, he works at the Spanish embassy in Tel Aviv.

''Right now, I'm studying a double major in Business and Economics at Reichman University in Herzliya, and spending as much time as I can playing football with Inter Aliyah.

Dani (front row, second from the right) is a regular weekly tournament winner

''I found the club through my good friend Facu Cervigni, who had joined Inter Blue and told me about it. He said that he was in a team where everyone spoke Spanish, (which was something that I really missed), and at the time I was looking for a team so I decided to join.

''Everyone is close to each other and the club has a really nice atmosphere. Also, the Inter Blue and White rivalry gives the matches and tournaments a little bit more intensity which makes everything even more fun.

Dani's debut for Inter Blue during the 2021/22 season

''My favourite Inter Aliyah memory is the quarter finals match from last year's cup, where we got to win in the penalty shootout. I remember that match so well and of course how we celebrated the win after.



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