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Meet Our Players - Gabriel Bruck

Name: Gabriel Bruck

Age: 25

Originally from: Munich, Germany

Favourite team: Bayern Munich

Position: Central defender

Football Idol: Ronaldinho

Fun Fact: Gabi also has roots in Uruguay and speaks Spanish fluently, which allows him to fit in nicely with the many South Americans who play together for Inter Aliyah Blue!!


''I started playing footballer when I was 6-years-old, ironically my first position was in goal but I quickly realised I was better with my feet than my hands. My football journey began as a young child when I joined my younger brother and his friends at Maccabi Munich.

''I played in Germany throughout my teens but then I came to Israel 6 years ago when I decided to study at the IDC in Herzliya for my Bachelor in Business Administration & Economics.

Gabi in an all-German team that won one of our weekly Wednesday tournaments

Ever since then, I haven't been able to leave Israel due to my love for the country. Nowadays, I'm working at EX.CO, an ad-tech company in Tel Aviv.

''I joined the Inter Aliyah family two years ago when I started playing for Inter B, as it was known at the time. I knew a bunch of people from Uruguay and Germany who played for Inter at some point over the years so once I moved from Herzliya to Tel Aviv, I decided to join the team.

Gabi (back row, 7th from the right) during a friendly match between Inter A and Inter B

''The unity and family atmosphere in the team makes the weekly training sessions and games unique. Not only the players but the coaches and the board will make you feel as you are part of a big family.

''It's not only about playing football and winning but more about connecting with other Olim from all around the world; helping each other in need or giving each other assistance in the job market, for example.

Gabi posing for Inter B ahead of the 2018/19 season

''I will be playing for Inter Blue this season in the IFLI2, which will be my third season with Inter Aliyah. Hopefully, we can make a promotion push this year and reach the top division of the International Football League of Israel.



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