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Meet Our Players - Josh Fischbach

Name: Joshua Fischbach

Age: 23

Originally From: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Position: Winger

Squad Number: 26

Team Supported: West Ham United

Football Idol: Ronaldinho

Did You Know: Josh was present for Inter B's first-ever game back in the summer of 2018.


''I've been playing football competitively since I was 6 years old and, to my parents' dismay who had to shlep me around, began travelling all over the United States to play games and tournaments throughout my youth. Some of my fondest memories were playing with my high school and university teams in front of my family and friends.

''I have been to Israel many times, such as two years ago when I did an internship in Tel Aviv for the summer. There, I was connected to Sam Sank through random pickup games that I would go to in the streets. After meeting him, I was able to play with Inter Aliyah every week throughout their summer preseason. Unfortunately, I had to return to the States to finish my studies, cutting my time with the team short.

Josh (back row, far right) in one of Inter B's first-ever games in the summer of 2018

''After graduating, I decided to pack up and come right back to Israel - finding an apartment and a job in Rishon LeZion. The first thing I did was reach out to Sam and the team and thankfully they welcomed me back right away.

''Inter has not only given me an outlet to continue doing what I love but also a great group of guys who I can count on. The makeup of the team with everyone being an Oleh creates a really special environment and instantly generates a shared sense of comradery.

It's been so great to have returned to playing again after the latest lockdown and I hope I can contribute to promotion this season.



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