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Meet Our Players - Misha Marianoff

Name: Mijael Marianoff

Age: 30

Team: Inter Aliyah Blue

Originally from: Santa Fe, Argentina

Favourite Team: Independiente and Union de Santa Fe

Position: Central Midfielder

Football Idols: Diego Nicolaievsky, Eial Strahman, Enzo Kuzniecka and Marco Wolff

Interesting Fact: Misha is one of the most versatile players at Inter Aliyah. He started life as a striker but his hard working style means he now plays as a defensive midfielder!!


''Football has been in my life since the age of 5 when I started playing back in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I used to watch the games of Independiente with my father, which is when my love of the game began.

''My playing career started in Rio Gallegos, Argentina and then in Santa Fe with the legendary KAYANAS team. After spending my childhood, teenage and young adult years in Santa Fe, I made Aliyah in 2019. A combination of Zionism and Argentina's social-economic situation were the main driving force behind my move to Israel.

Misha over the years as Inter Blue's number 9

''I have been living in Tel Aviv for the last few years and currently work as an analyst in the digital marketing field, when I am not playing football with my friends for Inter Aliyah.

''A good friend and arguably the biggest Argentinian recruiter in Inter Aliyah history, Kevin Packer, first told me about the club shortly after I arrived here. I joined Inter B in the 2020/21 season and have been in the team ever since.

One of the many goals Misha has scored for the club

''This club is so special and important for us! It is a place where hundreds of Olim can meet, get to know each other, share our love for sports and build a community out of our native countries.

''The friendships that have come out of Inter Blue are a testament to the club itself. New guys who join the team immediately become part of the social circle too and it's a family that keeps on growing.

The Argentinan mafia that runs Inter Blue

''I am now in my 3rd season with Inter Blue and have so many great memories with the team. In particular, reaching the semi finals of the IFLI Cup last year was an amazing period but nothing quite beats the first-ever INTERCLASICO win.



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