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Meet Our Players - Nico Grinberg

Name: Nico Grinberg

Age: 32

Team: Inter Aliyah Blue

Originally from: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Favourite team: River Plate

Position: Central Midfielder

Football Idol: Javier Mascherano

Fun Fact: Nico's girlfriend has the best attendance record of any other Inter Blue partner. Camila has already been present at 6 games, cheering on her beloved Nico!!


''I have been playing football since I was as young as 2 years old. My earliest memories of football are seeing my father play, which he did until his 50 years old, in Hebraica, a country club from Argentina, and I used to go to see him every weekend when I was a child.

''So pretty much my whole life I've been playing the best sport in the world and that didn't change when I left Argentina to come to Israel. I had always wanted to make Aliyah and I finally made it with my girlfriend in March 2021. Being here, with family and friends, has been the nicest experience in my life.

Nico (back row, fourth from the left) before an IFLI2 match for Inter Blue

''I am currently working in a cybersecurity company and enjoying an amazing experience in Israel with many friends and family. Aliyah has been a big success so far and I hope it continues.

''Shortly after moving to Israel, I quickly heard about Inter Aliyah because many of my friends from Argentina, including Nacho Duek and Kevin Packer, were playing in the team.

Nico (far left) as part of the winning team during a Wednesday tournament

''Now I can say that I am part of the Inter Aliyah family and I am very happy and really enjoy the training sessions, games and everything revolved around the team, like the BBQ we had last week.

''Inter Aliyah has helped me integrate into a new country. Many friends who are part of my daily life today, I met due to the team and I believe that the goals of the club are very important in helping any Oleh Chadash.



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