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Meet Our Players - Reuben Lewis

Name: Reuben Lewis

Age: 26

Team: Inter Aliyah White

Originally from: London, UK

Favourite Team: Arsenal

Position: Central Midfield

Football Idol: Robert Pires

Interesting Fact: I was spotted by a Fulham FC scout while playing in the local park and trained with their youth academy for a couple of years when I was a kid!


''I’ve played football all my life. Some of my best memories of my teenage years are my dad driving me every weekend around London for my games in the Harrow Youth League. He’d use a good old fashioned A-Z atlas to get us around, Waze was not a thing back then!

''I spent some time at Fulham’s academy when I was around 10-12, then in Sunday League teams. At one point I trained at Brentford FC’s development centre, then back to Sunday league (shoutout to Pitshanger FC, Ealing’s finest), then for my school and university in London. Now here I am at Inter Aliyah!

Reuben (front row, far right) prior to the first-ever INTERCLASICO

''I came to Israel 6 years ago for a year abroad at Tel Aviv University, as part of my degree at UCL in London. I’d been to Israel several times before this on holidays but this was my first time living here for a long period of time. I loved living in Tel Aviv, began learning Hebrew, and met a girl who was living here.

After this year in Tel Aviv, I went back to London to finish my final year at UCL and then decided to move back to Tel Aviv. 4 years later, I still love it here, I’m fluent in Hebrew, and I live with the same girl (and now our dog too).

Reuben (back row, middle) as part of a sexy winning team in the weekly tournament

''I’ve been working at ironSource for the last two and a half years, producing and managing content marketing like podcasts and a blog, and writing all kinds of content. Before this, I worked as a freelance journalist in Israel - mainly for a travel magazine called Culture Trip but also for VICE and others.

''I think I came across Inter Aliyah on Facebook a few years ago. As a football-obsessed ex-pat in Israel, I am obviously connected to the club’s ethos and mission. I admire what has been built and am very happy to be a part of the club and play football with people from all over the world.

Reuben (far left) at Inter White's mid-season social

''I joined Inter White at the beginning of this season and now consider the teammates to be close friends. Yalla Inter!!



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