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Meet Our Players - Tom Printac

Name: Tom Printac

Age: 21

Team: Inter Aliyah Blue

Originally from: Montevideo, Uruguay

Favourite Team: Liverpool

Position: Winger/Striker

Football Idols: Diego Forlan

Interesting Fact: Tom is the highest-scoring player in the history of the INTERCLASICO, the match between Inter Blue and Inter White, having scored 3 goals in 3 games.


''For as long as I can remember, I have found myself playing with a ball. The culture of my family in Uruguay is revolved around football and I played all my childhood here in Israel, whether it was in high school or with friends.

''I finished my army service not so long ago, where I served as an officer in the Yahalom combat unit. Now, I am studying software development in Ramat-Gan and playing football, of course!!

Tom's goal for Inter Blue in INTERCLASICO III

''My father was born in Uruguay and he knew about Inter Aliyah due to its strong roots with the Olim community. After a conversation with my cousin Mati Jurfest, was was playing in Inter Blue already, and then the former manager, Matt Keston,

I was summoned for a trial.

''I played with Inter Blue for two seasons, and was even involved with Inter Aliyah's Liga Gimmel team, making a number of appearances during the 2021/22 season.

Tom (top row, fifth from the right), with Inter Blue before an IFLI Cup game

''The connection that Inter creates, between Olim, is extremely special and it helps to bridge the gap between the Olim and the Israelis, something I have really felt with my time at the club.

''It's amazing how after such a short period of time you can find yourself friends who feel like family.

Tom scoring a late winner in INTERCLASICO II

''This season I will play in Liga Bet with Hapoel Azur, as I continue to follow my dream as a footballer, but I will be supporting Inter Aliyah still and will go and see my brothers play for Inter Blue often.



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