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Meet Our Players - Yusuke Miyake

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Name: Yusuke Miyake

Age: 31

Originally From: Osaka, Japan

Position: Midfielder

Squad number: 16

Team He Supports: Arsenal

Football Idol: Toni Kroos

Did You Know: Yu has not been home in 5 years due to his job working for the Japanese foreign ministry, hopefully, he'll be back to visit soon!!


“I’ve been playing football since I was a 6-year-old boy in Osaka, Japan. It’s always been my favourite sport. So, when I got a job with the Japanese governmental body and was sent to the Philippines, it was very important for me to continue playing. I learned quickly though that there was a stark difference between the styles of play between the Philippines and Japan. I was fascinated. After this, I looked forward to seeing the different styles of football throughout the world!

“After the Philippines, I proceeded to study in Costa Rica. I quickly became a part of a group of football players in Costa Rica and came to the same conclusion as before; there was a very different style of play.

“Next stop for me was Tel Aviv. I was excited to learn about such a new, different culture. Within a few months, I met a guy who invited me to practice with Inter Aliyah B. It was incredible!

''I was hooked. I kept coming every week to the training sessions and officially made the team quickly thereafter. One year later, I am still a very enthusiastic member of the team!

“When I first started, I just imagined a group of international guys playing football. I didn’t expect to like the guys as much as I did. Even though I still haven’t officially made Aliyah, the entire team has welcomed me with open arms.

''The guys I met with Inter Aliyah have been some of the nicest guys I’ve ever played with. It’s been a very cool mix of people, something I’ve never experienced before. I am very excited to continue with Inter Aliyah for the duration of my stay here in Israel!



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