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Meet Our Players - Zack Shooter

Name: Zack Shooter

Age: 21

Originally From: London, UK

Position: Striker

Squad Number: 28

Team Supported: Tottenham Hostpur

Football Idol: Tanguy Ndombele

Did You Know: Zack's first taste of Inter Aliyah came before he even moved to Israel, when he played in the prestigious ''Pesach Cup'' two years in a row, against Sam Sank.

''I was taught to love football pretty much from day one and used to watch my beloved Tottenham Hotspur with my grandpa Brian on a regular basis. Coming from the Jewish community in Northwest London, it's no surprise that I'm a Spurs fan and I make sure to watch every game even now that I'm in Israel.

''I played football every week growing up; featuring for local Jewish teams on a Sunday morning and for my school. Yet, my biggest footballing achievement probably comes from my time at university.

''Whilst studying my undergraduate degree at Bristol University, I was part of a team that won 3 league titles in a row!! After university, I was starting to think about moving to Israel since I've always felt a connection to this country, mainly built on family holidays here and trips with Zionist youth movements.

''I cam here last year on a Masa program to experience living and working in Tel Aviv, and it's most certainly lived up to my expectations. Even in this difficult period, I'm absolutely loving life and am working remotely.

''It was obvious that I needed to play football once I arrived here and Inter Aliyah is the clear place to start for any international living in Tel Aviv. I joined their open training sessions on Wednesdays and was soon invited to join Inter B.

''Inter Aliyah is a very special team and it makes sense that the Inter B manager, Matt Keston, is known as 'the Special One'. I've already made good friends with the guys and invite people to come and watch the games. Yalla Inter!



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